Friday, May 30, 2008

Look how much I have grown!

Ella is a little over 3 months old and I have had her for a month and a half. First picture was within the first week I had her, the second this week.

New Clothes

Ella will not be a dog that wears clothes very often. She will have many collars and leashes, but not a lot of clothes.

She does have a cute yellow sweater(you can tell how much she likes it).

She also has a great bathrobe, a gift from our friends.

She is home:)

Need to post pictures since I got Ella. She is my new best pal!

Jay went with me to go pick up Ella. She was very tiny! She weighed 2lbs. 5 oz.
Jay sat in the back with her on our hour and a half ride home.

The first couple of days were fun, with a lot of trips outside and a lot of sleeping.

I soon found out she had a strong interest in computers.

She is the best!